Looking for a lease? Info you will need!

Looking for a lease? Info you will need!
08 November 2018

You are all experts in your own fields whether it be plastering walls, teaching, marketing, surveying or tightening a tap washer! I know the car business like the back of my hand which is why I'm always happy to give advice or suggest something to look at if you didn't know it existed.

You need to have thought about it though and it's why I've written this brief guide to help you. Take a Golf for example, there's nearly 600 possible possible combinations, not including paint colours or optional extras. Then there's the infinitely variable and flexible lease payment options. Without the majority of the info below, I'm not going to know whats appropriate when it comes to pricing a car for you, so here we go ..........


a)     Your existing car/van, do you need to sell it/hand it back before sorting out your new one?

b)     Budget for initial payment?  3/6/9/12 up front or a certain amount?

c)      Monthly Budget?

d)     How many doors?

e)     How long do you want the vehicle for?

f)      What is the annual mileage going to be?

g)     Business or private (net or including VAT budget)

h)     If private, do you use it for work and receive an allowance? ( Some manufacturers do special deals for that every now and again)

i)       Manual or auto?

j)       When is it for? This is VITAL as deals have end points.

k)     What specification exactly is it you are looking for? We can’t work with ‘an A Class or a Golf’ as there are hundreds of possible combinations. I’ll need a spec like ‘SE 200d auto diesel’ or ‘GTI petrol 5door please Josh.’  

If you're not quite sure and need some pointers then thats OK, give me a call and I am more than happy to advise.

I have a website with over 19,000 deal combinations on it and thousands more that do not get loaded onto the site. You are more than welcome to use that as a pricing guide to compare various cars and specs then contact me to tailor that perfect deal for you.

I’m always happy to give advice so by all means give me a call or ask me for a brochure pdf of whatever you fancy as the manufacturer sites are complicated beyond belief.

I hope this guide goes some way to helping me work with you on your journey to your brand new car! ????